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Become an agent with YLE and earn money.


YLE needs people throughout the Great Britain to contact the type of experts that we list. You will need an Internet connection but the people that you recruit don't have to.  If you are a natural "networker" you could know 50-100 people who could benefit from joining YLE.  Work harder and visit your local shops or phone around the area and being a YLE Agent could be a full time job. Recruiting 1000 (less than 5 a day) businesses would earn 20000; and you would be your own boss!

All businesses that are listed on YLE qualify as agents so that they can use their existing business network, introduce new businesses and earn a third of the listing fee (currently that would be 20 for a page ) when it is paid. That is not just the first time but every time the fee is paid, year in year out.

You do not have to be listed to earn: anyone can register as a YLE Agent and get 20 for each new paying business that they introduce. They then receive 20 every year that the business renews its listing.

Contact YLE for the full terms and conditions.

e-mail: yle@yourlocalexperts.co.uk
phone: 01252 665737
mobile: 07982 419190




36, Ferndale Road,
Church Crookham,
GU52 6LN


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